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So what is Namaste at the Barre anyways?


Our unique one hour barre class with a yoga flow is sure to have you work up a thirst! This barre/yoga fusion is a low impact, high intensity workout with plenty of modifications available, making it appropriate for all fitness levels. Our barre method targets thighs, glutes, abs and upper body with restoring stretches in between. After experiencing barre's signature burn and shake, join your new barre squad for one of Lost Borough's locally brewed craft beers.

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Meet your "Barre"tender


Namaste at the Barre is a Hikyoga event lead by Nicole Kazimer, owner of Hikyoga. She began teaching her friends yoga in local parks and was often asked recommendations on parks and trails around Rochester, NY.

Wanting to share her discoveries and passion for yoga she decided to lead her friends through trails while pausing to stop, drop, & yoga along the way. Once posting her Hikyoga adventures on Instagram, interest grew exponentially and Nicole began leading Hikyoga for all. She loves inspiring people to step outside, be active and ignite all 5 senses. She also leads a series of special classes in locations such as The Borough, where she helps to remove the intimidation some may feel in a studio setting. We hope to see you at the bar(re) soon!