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Rochester's Craftiest Running Group... Open to everyone. Thursdays at 6pm

Close friend of the brewery, James Meyer has always enjoyed running. He was looking for an opportunity for himself and others to find like minded runners in the area to run with. Being an avid home brewer and a craft beer enthusiast, he figured why not take his passion for running & love of craft beer and create something where they both could coexist. He started meeting with a couple of friends on Thursday nights for a quick run followed by a cold beer at his friends brewery. His group of runners expanded from close friends to complete strangers quickly all with the help of social media.

The group now meets every Thursday at 6pm at The Lost Borough Brewing Company. Routes are mapped out with a 2, 3, or 4 mile loop with turn by turn directions available at the brewery beforehand. The group is open all experience and pace levels. It's a great way to come out and meet new people, but the real reward is the $1 off for participating each week after the run.

If you like to run and drink craft beer, click the link below and join the Borough Runners group on Facebook for more information.